Hudson Scott/Zola Blood – Heartbeat

Done away with are the atmospheric guitar lines, swapped out for pulsing synth bass which drives a track already heavily tinged by its dance roots.

This record has been on repeat for me this week, not least because of the brilliant songwriting behind the original from Hackney Wick based Zola Blood. Hudson Scott has taken an ambient track from their 2017 debut album ‘Infinite Games’ and weaved it into a straight up tune that you can’t help but move to.

The bass line pays homage to the Roland SH-101 and the early EDM pioneers of the 1980’s, but with a syncopated snare falling heavy on the 3rd beat this is far from 4/4 monotony. Each addition to this remix is made with subtlety and care; the same can be said for what’s been taken away. The simple dynamics mirror the lyrics as Heartbeat steadily builds to an overlay of cheesy and uplifting synth lead.

Elements of disco and Berlin house are both present, which should come as no surprise given the cited club influences – Hudson Scott’s own tracks are dished up with a big dose of retro pop. Zola Blood themselves have strong dance rock pedigree having been picked up by Keith Aspen’s Pond Life songs, manager of 80’s hit-makers Talk Talk.

Once you’ve given this a spin, I’d definitely recommend Hudson Scott’s ‘Clay’ EP. You can also catch Zola Blood live as they play Haggerston’s Archspace on the 28th June, alongside Bristol based minimal electro maestro Harvey Causon.