Team Picture – (I Have A) Little Secret

A glistening mix of 90’s alt-rock and 80’s indie sensibilities.

I was caught off guard when Team Picture opened the Etc. festival, all dressed in matching blue jackets and white jumpsuits that looked like something Kubrick might have dreamt up. Within seconds of the first song, I found myself nodding along and grinning stupidly. 

Theirs is a mature and full sound that offers up layers of gritty synth bass and leads, in addition to the jangling guitar of a front-man that looks half Win Butler and half Jesse Hughes.

(I Have A ) Little Secret actually takes a little detour from the fuzzy and distorted tracks that accompany it on their debut mini album, Strange Year. Team Picture are self certified genre hoppers and don’t seem to feel the need to stick to one format, with different members of the band stepping up to deliver lead vocals throughout the album.

(I Have A) Little Secret is beautifully relaxed and opts for a gradual build up of interplaying vocals and melody. It’s a breath of fresh air amoungst the multiplied barre chords of similar young guitar based bands. For me though, it’s the nostalgic sound of analogue synthesis, courtesy of a bright yellow DSI Mopho that fattens up the mix before serving up a simple but lush closing instrumental.

Etc. is back over the next three Thursdays at the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, showcasing some great bands (as well as the occasional DJ set from members of other great bands).