Childcare – Magazines

The obscure quirk rockers from London have just released their latest dose of weird millennial post-punk in the form of the Luckyucker EP and I’ve been listening to Magazines.

With a habit of penning surreal scenarios and upbeat melodies, Childcare appear to eschew all notion that music is a serious matter and would much rather focus on the things that really connect them to their audience: casual crossdressing after a breakup? Check. Awkward cinema dates? Check. Unfortunate greetings at the school gates? Oh yes. Perhaps Luckyucker is a little more solemn in its messaging than previous releases, but the everyday humour and fantastic harmonies are still just as present.

Despite their nonchalance, there’s a depth of musicality that gives hint to their four years together. Although Childcare is the project of front man and in-demand male nanny Ed Cares, formed following his departure from To Kill a King, it’s clear just how hard all four band members work to provide sparkling live dynamics and to forge genuine connections with those who follow them.


I recently joined a small crowd at an old underground industrial space in central London to be treated to the first live outing of Luckyucker at Childcare’s aptly named and entirely self promoted Play Dates. The evening opened with guitarist Rich as the hi-viz wearing, shoe-gazing support act welcoming us into the dusty space lit by glowing strip lights artfully covered in coloured gels. The eponymous pink Childcare neon hanging from a pipe in the not so distant background. Whilst a concrete tunnel was never going to be an acoustic Eden, it didn’t matter as Childcare threw themselves headfirst into their set – playing both tracks both new and old.


The standout track for me was Magazines, covering the shock and wonder at finding someone so apparently middle class homeless on the street selling the Big Issue magazine and the realisation that it could happen to anyone. It was a magical evening that felt more like a party with friends and closed with a Kiss? The unapologetically raucous and harmonious final track of their earlier Made Simple EP.

Live, their spirit is infectious so it’s fortunate that Childcare are heading back out on tour later this year. You can catch them at a number of venues across the UK in October. Bassist and singer Emma’s solo project – Saint Clair – is also definitely worth a listen; taking on a completely different form with her electronic soaked ballads.