Jadu Heart – Heroin Song

The latest evolution of Jadu Heart’s shifting palette is a heavy dose of dreamy psych-pop from their latest EP The Gloom That Looms.

Following the dream-hop of 2016 debut release Wanderflower and spacey electro of 2017 follow-up Ezra’s Garden, Jadu Heart are back with another dose of storytelling and wonder.

Opting this time for much more conventional structures – away from sample filled electronic loops – Heroin Song opens their latest EP with confidence. Acoustic guitar and electronic organ hark back to 90s Brit-rock, complete with suitably prominent bass line and ethereal chorus. There’s something in the progressive chords and vocal drawl that I can’t help but be reminded of bands like Radiohead. What remains follows on nicely from the laid back single Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea, released last year.

Jadu Heart began their journey as a comic book, in which characters Dina and Faro were cursed into crystal monsters on the planet Koshui and now seem destined to explore their own sonic universe. Whilst it’s perhaps not the first time fictional creatures have decided to start a band, for Jadu Heart it captures their purpose and adds to the colour and playfulness of their songwriting. The masked London duo were quickly signed to Mura Masa’s own Anchor Point record label and have since gone on to collaborate with Alex himself, as well as producing a number of remixes, earning them their own London Boiler Room set in 2017. 

The Gloom That Looms is the latest evolution of Jadu Heart’s shifting palette that offers a beautiful glimpse of what we might expect should the duo ever release a full album length record. Who knows, maybe we won’t have to wait too long.