October Roundup

October has spun past in a blur and whilst it’s been a month rich with new music releases, I can’t say the same for my blog posts. I’ve therefore rounded up the tracks that I’ve had on heavy rotation over the past four weeks to bring you up to date with what I’m listening to.

Swimming Girls – Beneath You

Swimming Girls are a pastel-tinted time warm back to the synth fuelled 80’s hits of Cyndi Lauper and Belinda Carlisle. This is nostalgia pop for people longing for a life through a glimmering lo-fi filter.

Beneath You is their latest offering and one of their best yet. The west country based four piece manage to capture all of the right elements to reproduce a glossy performance, delivered with suitably demure new wave attitude.

 Joan – All The Way

We continue the retro themes with the striking alt-pop of Joan. Following on from Portra – a debut EP full to the brim with sickly sweet pop sheen – All The Way strikes like a whiplash into bold synth bass. It’s another highly polished single from the Arkansas duo who seem determined to capture the attention of indie fans of bands like the 1975.

They sure do know how to write a hook, and along with jangly guitar and prominent kick drum, All The Way is as catchy as they come. 

Clean Cut Kid – Emily

Clean Cut Kid are a band that seem to iterate and evolve when it comes to the release of each new love driven ballad. Whilst last year’s album Felt tracked various stages of personal relationships through high energy pop rock, Clean Cut Kid’s Painkiller EP draws from a more 70’s influence. Think along the lines of Fleetwood Mac and Americana blues rock. 

The hard working Liverpool band holed themselves up in a Merseyside factory building surrounded by a fine selection of vintage audio equipment to emerge with the recently released Emily. Whilst they’ve swapped out charismatic bassist Saul Godman for long time friend Gareth Bullock, Emily is a heartfelt track that makes full use of Evelyn’s harmonic backing vocals and Mike’s signature fuzzy guitar work. 

 Yumi And The Weather – Nothing Left To Try

Yumi And The Weather have been a force of electronic indie on the Brighton scene for a number of years now, but have only recently put out their first full length project with a self titled debut album. Whilst the tracks explore a range of different sounds, Nothing Left To Try takes the best of their melodic side and, complete with a soaring chorus, shows off the full range of Ruby Taylor’s powerful vocals. 

Deeply atmospheric and dark, Yumi And The Weather make use of varied percussive elements and lush synth textures to drive their sound forward. The result is a hugely accomplished piece that despite it’s fresh origins, could happily sit across any number of recent decades.

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