Last Hyena – I Remember the Future

Progressive math rock awash with a huge sonic palette; Last Hyena embody a frenetic energy in their latest EP – I Remember the Future.

Whilst swathes of new bands are preoccupied with the task of exuding effortless cool, Last Hyena embody a frenetic energy as they unleash their own brand of math rock. A genre that’s as much about the shoe-gazing as it is about obscure time signatures and although Last Hyena don’t disappoint in that regards, theirs takes on a progressive nature that borders on operatic. Their latest EP, I Remember the Future, weaves three instrumental tracks into a 13 minute journey that you’ve got to experience.

Following on from the opening sonic suckerpunch that is Yeah? You, Lion Mermaid offers the space for the trio to really show off their expansive melodic palette before an ultimate resolve in the simply huge title track – I Remember the Future. Subtle themes traverse both rhythm and scales to form an EP that feels as if it lives and breathes with an unpredictable consciousness. Yet there are more than a few moments of groove; cantering bass lines build into slick and delicate riffing, carried by astute percussion. At times a few bars of familiarity creep in, before the illusion is shattered by the many twists and turns; flickers of influence come together into something that is wholly new and organic.

Last Hyena eschew the notion that an EP is simply a place to serve up a couple of your best singles and instead offer something so much more complete. Their live sets follow in the same vein and are not to be missed. The Bristol based three piece have just finished a UK tour and next play JT Soar, Nottingham on the 30th November.