Ruby Haunt – A Quiet Evening

Ruby Haunt couldn’t make music to better fit their name if they tried, producing understated songs that are chillingly beautiful. A Quiet Evening from their brand new album Blue Hour captures the emotion within their work in abundance.

Soaked in an ambient haze, this latest album from the west coast duo leans more heavily on their ability to craft lush soundscapes, with tracks floating between simple melodies and slow, evolving progressions in contrast to the more driven tracks on earlier releases. A Quiet Evening layers colourful synthesis and warm Juno pads onto a core sound of acoustic guitar and distant vocals. It’s a step back from the dance oriented Youth from debut album Hurt, or from post-punk tinged Strangers on follow-up album Sugar.

Writing their first three EP’s almost 1000 miles apart whilst studying in different states, Wyatt and Victor are childhood friends with a shared love for new wave bands and Rusha-esque photography. Together, they would share demos and lyrics recorded in their bedrooms over email that pieced together to form Ruby Haunt. Three years on and they’ve finally been able to work under one roof in their LA home studio, staying true to their DIY beginnings. Artistically, Ruby Haunt claim not to get too heavily involved in any music scene and are instead focused on their own creative process which includes the production of their own music videos. Having written and recorded prolifically, Ruby Haunt are now consistently playing live shows; currently touring the west coast of America and Canada to close off a year which saw them drive across multiple states to play at SXSW in Austin.