Laura Misch – I Adore

I Adore is a track re-written – perfectly capturing the evolving state of Laura Misch as a musician. Originally penned in 2016 whilst playing in jazz oriented band settings, the 2018 revision has undergone a personality shift to sit alongside the solo electronic work of her most recent Playground LP.

This latest version is delicate and percussive, and despite the extensive focus on electronic accompanyment, the hang and vibraphone-like samples lend an organic sound to a subdued melody. Laura’s experimental use of saxophone to create soaring loops and drones, skillfully recreated when playing live, adds layers and colour to her otherwise minimal approach to songwriting.

That said, with just her instruments for company on stage, she’s developed techniques of blending digital and analogue technologies that results in rich soundscapes. Deep and powerful bass provides the rhythmic bedrock that borrows the heavily swung beats of a current generation of bedroom producers, yet this is so much more sophisticated for Laura’s soulful harmonisations.


If the rework is celestial and brooding, then the original is summery and soulful. The vocals feel much more direct and present – authentically unpolished – as is Laura’s saxophone work, which sticks to tonal meolodies that amble along with the song. It’s a wonderfully pure track that allows plenty of space for each of it’s component parts.

Featuring the bright and articulate guitar work of younger brother Tom, this earlier version is much more akin to the small band jazz setup. Whilst there’s no denying Laura’s talented singing and saxophone playing, the presence of fellow instramentalists means that it lacks the all encompassing substance of the 2018 remake that is so wholly representative of Laura’s sound. That said, it’s a joy to listen to.