Babeheaven – November

To close out 2018, I’ve been listening to one of the best understated releases of the past few weeks with November from Babeheaven.

Darker and more composed than their typically spacey and understated tunes, November leans more heavily towards trip-hop influences whilst retaining the surf tinged riffs of earlier releases. Sampled strings and interspersed atmospheric sound clips combine with sung loops, before steady percussion drenched in reverb drives the song forwards. A duet between voice and guitar continues to interplay throughout the track, perhaps encompassing what Babeheaven do best as an indie styled band outfit. 

Formed as a recording duo made up of friends Nancy Andersen and Jamie Lewis, Babeheaven play live as a five piece; infusing elements of contemporary pop into a style that combines electronic beats and jangly guitar to underpin Nancy’s heavily layered vocals. 

Babeheaven have been around for a few years now, but with only a handful of releases have remained out of the lime light – taking their time to write music that they hope has more longevity than those destined to be listed to for merely a brief moment. Despite touring with some of the UK’s fastest growing indie acts and selling out London gigging mainstay Scala, they take a surprisingly part-time approach to being in a band, choosing to combine it with other work and family life around Portobello Road in west London. 

Still, after the two A side releases of Fresh Faced and November in 2018 Babeheaven are set to return to touring in February 2019 as they play a number of shows at venues up and down the UK. In the meantime, have a listen to November.