Delta Sleep – Dotwork

Dotwork is awash with peppy technicality from the Brighton based band that write and perform with sheer creativity and flair.

You can listen to things cerebral, complex or soothing but sometimes only a certain kind of melodic rock will do; loudly blasted through your headphones, feet tapping as the world carries about it’s business. Heck em! This is a time for deafening introspection.

Delta Sleep come at the genre with refreshing creativity and flair as they skilfully toy with time signatures and tonal textures, turning the four piece guitar band into something capable of so much more. Whilst their basis is in math-rock, they succeed in making it wonderfully accessible, appealing to all who favour everything from pop-punk to things more progressive.

Dotwork is a sparkling example of when raw energy and musicality collide. Crisp and harmonious guitar paves the way for Devin to display the softer side to his vocals, yet as fragility turns to strength the track reveals it’s full sonic colours. The addition of Lily Gray’s voice adds another dimension of sensitivity. For a tech-noir dystopia in which the whole album is set, Dotwork feels altogether uplifting despite existential lyricism. That said, it’s difficult to hold back a smile at some of the technical finesse of Delta Sleep’s drum fills and guitar riffery. 

Dotwork was released as part of their latest Ghost City album on Big Scary Monsters Recordings – the Oxfordshire label home to the alternative and experimental. As well as being a remarkably polished record and not just a smattering of singles amoungst tepid demos, the artwork itself is a thing of beauty. A silk screen print from Leeds based artist Owen Findley of OR8 DESIGN is as bold as music it shrouds and is accompanied be equally stunning tour posters and single release covers. It’s testament to a band who care deeply about each and every detail of their creative output.