This exciting preview of KOKOROKO’s upcoming EP is a masterful celebration of afrobeat, where jazz and funk combine into something magical.

The mellow horns that open the track are like a fanfare, as KOKOROKO invite you into their world of relaxed afrobeat. The music that follows is undoubtedly worthy of such theatrical introduction. Trumpets take centre stage here with a melody of uplifting celebration, all whilst the rhythm section keep up the funk and groove. The effect of harmonising brass brings a wonderful warmth and character. 

Their sound tuns a little experimental, towards the Afrofuturism of Sun Ra, with the chorus of “Earth Man”; although as far as I can tell, the only thing otherworldly is this group’s musicality. Quickly though, you’re taken back with a trumpet solo that is pure jazz. This is a track steeped is awareness of a multitude of cultures and an exciting insight into what we may expect from their upcoming debut EP. 

KOKOROKO are eight friends playing the music that they grew up with, all whilst adding their own flavour, in celebration of the sounds and musicians of West Africa: including the great Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen. The band are part of the unstoppable force that is Brownswood Recordings – set up by Gilles Peterson to champion new British jazz. 

Despite only releasing two studio tracks so far, the other being part of the awesome We Out Here compilation, KOKOROKO have toured extensively across Europe and have played at some of the most regarded jazz hotspots. The result is a strong following that saw their Moth Club EP launch sell out almost immediately; don’t worry though, you can still wait with anticipation for the March 8th record release.