Liz Lawrence – Circling Numbers

An evolution of the captivating ability of Liz Lawrence to craft stunning hooks which form the backdrop to her unique voice, Circling Numbers stands out through its simplicity.

Down-tempo and demure chords are met with a punchy melodic bass-line and electronic beat, paired gloriously with her relaxed and warm singing. The lyrics to Circling Numbers – released as part of six songs over six months from 2017 to 2018 – are delivered with sensitivity, exploring changing thoughts across different mental states belonging to two individuals. There is a clarity in her voice that manages to cut through and connect. 

Liz Lawrence’s music has undergone somewhat of a reinvention over the years; production has moved beyond just an acoustic guitar. Immersed in her home studio, surrounded by a mixture of modern consumer and professional grade equipment, Liz encapsulates the reclusive bedroom producer to craft her own take on contemporary electronic pop. She’s not always confined her music to within four small walls however. 

It’s hard to write about Liz Lawrence and not to talk about Bombay Bicycle Club. Lending her voice to the wildly popular band as they toured the world extensively back in 2014, prior to their soon to be over hiatus*, Liz transformed the live reproduction of number one album So Long, See You Tomorrow. Not that she needs to ride on the coat-tails of it’s success; from the purity of her earlier acoustic solo album Bedroom Hero, to the rich electronic rhythms of more recent musical pendants, Liz remains steadfast to her own creative styles.

There have been countless other collaborations along the way too. As a good friend of Bombay bassist Ed Nash, Liz has appeared on the debut album of Toothless and as part of their live lineup, as well as being one half of electro pop duo Cash+David. Each time, her uniquely effortless singing and playing elevates every project she touches. It’s just that these feel like dilutions of her true self. Circling Numbers, along with the diverse catalogue of other recent self-releases, feel like much more genuine expressions of Liz Lawrence as an artist in her own setting. 


* Yes, apparently Bombay Bicycle Club will return this Summer. Although personally, I’m hoping for another pair of tracks from Liz Lawrence.