The New Respects – Something To Believe In

Fantastically summery, Something To Believe In was one of the stand out tracks from the soul rockers’ debut album and one that can’t help but leave you grinning.

I’ve been spectacularly useless at keeping up with writing over the past few months, however that’s not to say that I haven’t been traversing the musical spires and listening to an awful lot of music, both new and old. So while I find the energy to once again bring to you the sounds that have inspired, I will leave you with this wonderful dose of sunshine.  

The New Respects are a joyous blend of funk and soul, whilst remaining unbashedly pop. Hailing from Tennessee, the American source of everything from bluegrass to rock n roll, this four piece let their musical pedigree flow through their uplifting music as they deliver it with swagger and a smile. 

Something To Believe In featured on their debut album – Before The Sun Goes Down – released towards the end of last summer, although I feel it deserves another spin, this time with the prospect of many warm and carefree days ahead. The particular version that captured my attention is a live session, recorded as part of Walrus Audios’s Songs At The Shop series. It’s seriously good, give it a listen.